Pretty Depressed with Donna Bond

Pretty Depressed with Donna Bond

Pretty Depressed with Kim Crossman

Kim and I came together at the perfect time. Kim let me coach her. There were many tender moments as we gently and authentically explored the shackles of some of Kim’s limiting beliefs.

Her willingness to share is such a gift because so many women will resonate with the judgments they hold around being perceived as “lazy” and how these lies we tell ourselves are just our inner perfectionist running the old story of not-good enough.

What if we could bring love and compassion to her too?

We explored a new way to relate to the journey in our metaphoric example from Los Angeles to Boston, and Kim experienced some insights and tender moments that were revealing and beautiful. I reminded Kim that even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, the universe is always looking out for us.

I shared the story about how mad I was that I got jilted from attending an all-expense paid company trip to Cancun, Mexico, but thank God, because that was when I had my very first date in San Clemente, CA with my now husband of 15 years! Imagine where I’d be now if I were in Mexico then?

Kim is lovely and beautiful inside and out. I am sending the light up ahead to her dreams. I loved being a guest on this show, and I loved that Kim let me coach her.

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Donna Bond, M.A. is an Ignitor of Light, a spiritual life coach, author, and thought leader. Her mission is to empower your Highest Self on your epic human adventure. After a 28-year long run as a successful corporate marketing executive who “had it all”, she got a master’s in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. Donna supports clients to live with reverence by activating their entelechy – their fullest realized expression through one to one coaching, online group classes, and women’s retreats. You can learn more about her transformative 1:1 coaching, group classes, and workshops at