How to Actually Feel Fulfilled

How to Actually Feel Fulfilled

I had the privilege of working with Cherie several months ago in a discovery session. We talked about her memoir and her personal growth offering called STAND SPEAK SHINE I was so encouraged by STAND SPEAK SHINE as Cherie was sharing about it, I said, “This is what you need to be talking and sharing about Cherie!” I was not surprised that she renamed her podcast from Women Seeking Wholeness to STAND SPEAK SHINE. I am further grateful that I am the second person to be interviewed on her new stage!

Well, we had some deep chat. We spoke about God and Acceptance AND All That Is. We explored fulfillment, what is it and how do you get it? We talked about coming home to yourself and Cherie openly spoke about a vulnerable place she was in and how she felt and how she worked with herself to accept where she was and to bring love and compassion to herself and her little girl.

Cherie asked me about my personal process and how do I bring myself into acceptance. I share with the audience the particulars on my own inner process. Cherie and I are connected through the ethers because she is a Mary Magdalene fan and calling on our own inner power as our authority instead of placing it in something or someone outside of us!

Cherie likes to talk about the rise of the feminine and at Consciousness Rising, inc. we are all about that! We didn’t get to talk about this, but perhaps maybe in the future.

The time flew as we rode the energy inviting us to touch on compassion, acceptance, fulfillment and being happy for no particular reason.

Tune in today to listen. Also, for listeners of Cherie’s show, I am gifting you with 33% off Empower the Authentic You. Just use empower33 at checkout

Cherie Burton is a pioneering spiritual psychologist whose evolutionary
STAND SPEAK SHINE method transforms women into authentically embodied and empowered feminine leaders, and host of the STAND SPEAK SHINE podcast.