What Would You Love To Create?

Mostly Sunny, painting of woman balancing with doves on stacked rocks

Image used with permission from Mostly Sunny by Paul Bond Fine Art

Life is short. What we trade our time for – we trade our life for. Imagine a complete system for gaining clarity on what you would love to create in your life and results that will cause a shift and re-program of old negative patterns, increase your positive self-image and up-level your possibility thinking.

If you breathe for the next 365 days, you are going to live another year of your life. You can either live by design or by default. By learning the Dreambuilder Technology one can make the shift from living a condition-driven life into living a vision-driven life. The greatest investment you can make in yourself is your own personal development. And I speak from experience.

Everyone has a dream. What is yours?

A rich relationship with someone supportive, awakened, caring, more loving and fun? Or is it optimal health and well-being? Do you want more flexibility and freedom in movement or acuity of mind? Perhaps it’s a vocation or life purpose that inspires you to expand into your creative expression? Discovering the work you would love to do in the world, or simply showing up differently in your current role with more aliveness being more present and showing up as the true you.

What do you long for? What is your dream?

The opportunity to learn and apply this proven thinking technology will result in a happier, more fulfilled life. After all, isn’t that what we are all seeking?

Give yourself permission to experiment in this 12 week journey. Quickly begin to identify what you would really love and learn the skill set to manifest whatever it is into physical world reality. Through the process, discover who you truly are along the way. The power of the Dreambuilder technology will support you in providing a framework to make profound and positive change in your life. Not just in the short term, but for life.

The next class launches on Monday August 15th from wherever you are at 6PM PST. The program includes 12 live group coaching calls facilitated by Donna Bond. Mary Morrissey’s proven Dreambuilder Program with audio and workbook. And, access to all recorded calls for listening at your convenience.

Register today and make an investment in yourself. Get the nitty gritty at https://donnabond.com/transformational-life-coach/ or Email donna@donnabond.com for more information and to reserve your spot.