Remember Samantha in Bewitched? I loved that show! Perhaps that contributed to my forever quest as a seeker. Remember all the amazing things she did? Dinner on the table, cleaned the whole house, hid her husband from her mother (or was it the other way around?) all in a nose wiggle or even better a snap of the fingers! Perhaps our abilities are more similar to Samantha than we realize. I think, we too have magic powers. We have this presence, this power, this one source that we are always connected to. It’s omnipresent – everywhere present and reveals itself to us in everything that we experience in our lives. This magic is powered by our thoughts.

What if our thoughts were the currency by which we “put our order in” with the universe? Think about that. What if you were creating your world and everything in it, just by what you are thinking about. Samantha did that. She just decided on what she needed, snapped her fingers and “POOF!”

Whats the matter? You don’t think you have magic powers?

Stay tuned and you will learn that,  Oh yes…..YOU DO!

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