On our journey of transformation we have the chance to experience an important realization, that we are enough.

We spend so much time and energy trying to please so many people in our lives. We are looking for their approval, their admiration and their endorsement to make us feel that we are good enough, smart enough, capable enough and ultimately, that we are worthy. Spiritually speaking no one can make you feel more worthy, because we already are worthy simply because we are divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

When I was about six years old, I planted an apple tree in my back yard. I cultivated it from a seed and then my mother helped me plant it out back. It was growing great and I was so proud of it. Last I remember it got to be about 12 inches high. I was dreaming about the apples that were going to fall off that tree!

In a rush to likely see a football game on TV, my dad was mowing the lawn with vigor and haste and he plowed right on over my tree. I was devastated, just simply crushed at my tender young age of six.

Since then I have been (overly) sensitive about people valuing (or not valuing) my contribution, my cultivation, my efforts. And as I think of this story I have awareness around all of the care and love and effort we all put into everything we do. We inherently make strides in this life thinking (hoping) that someone is going to recognize what we did and tell us, “Hey, you are doing a great job, I think you’re awesome!” Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t particularly the older we get and the higher we climb in the business world. But, what about doing IT just to do IT, (whatever IT is) OR – What about doing IT for ourselves?

Today I want to encourage you to facilitate a little Positive Self Talk. Take just a few minutes today. Acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge the accomplishments you have made in your life, or even just this week or this day. You are worthy because you are a divine being walking around planet earth “on assignment” just like everybody else. You are enough.  Here is a little affirmation for you.

I Am Enough.

My efforts are tremendous. I am doing the best job I can with the tools I have to work with right now. I am a beautiful divine Spiritual being having a human experience. I can’t get it wrong. I am proud of my accomplishments and I am excited to embrace all of the things in my life. I am the most important person who needs to know this. I am enough. On my journey of transformation, I am enough.

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