Transform Your Life and Your Consciousness

About Consciousness Rising, Inc.

Simon Sinek taught us it’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. Consciousness Rising is why I do what I do. It also happens to be the name of our company.

The intention with the work we do with Consciousness Rising, Inc is to help people experience a life filled with joy, happiness, fulfillment, freedom, purpose and expansiveness. And these are qualities that naturally occur when we raise our consciousness.

Our consciousness rising is the result of what occurs through the process of our own inner work. It is through transforming our inner awareness that the reflection of our outer world then begins to mirror back to us greater love, joy and peace. If everyone on the planet achieved this uplifted state of being, our world would be a much better place.

I am grateful to Dr’s Ron and Mary Hulnick and their innovative and pioneering program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica for the rising of my own consciousness and inner awareness. It is through the raising of my own consciousness that today I experience personal revelations of profound freedom, deep fulfillment and incredible joy in my everyday life. It is also because of them I am now able to assist others in doing the same.

Raising our consciousness gives us new perspective. It grants us the gifts of experiencing our life from the Soul’s perspective. And from the Soul’s perspective we are pure consciousness. That consciousness, that energy, is on the same vibrational frequency as pure Divine love.
Therefore, each one of us as energetic beings is the pure essence of love.

Dr. David Hawkins created the Map of Consciousness which depicts a scale of emotions and their vibratory frequency level. Hawkins proved through kinesiology that all our emotions vibrate at a particular frequency. Emotions of shame, guilt, and hate are lower energies and fall at the bottom of this scale. Whereas emotions of love, joy and peace have a higher resonance and vibrate at a higher rate on the scale.

When we are experiencing either lower frequency emotions such as grief and fear or higher ones of peace, joy, love and gratitude we are activating the frequency of those emotions by giving them energy. Because the law of attraction is always operating – and is as real as gravity – those activated frequencies naturally draw experiences into our lives that are similar in vibration to those emotions.

We are only able to experience and witness the divine love within ourselves and in the world around us by residing in these higher frequencies. We do so in raising our own consciousness equal to that of love. Then, we see it reflected in our lives.  Only then are we able to see our own magnificence and the unlimited possibilities available to us in our lives.

The incentive to do emotional healing work, to shift our perspective, to see things differently, to raise our consciousness, is to allow ourselves to rise up this emotional scale so we can experience higher frequency emotions and life experiences that reflect that. The Dr’s Hulnick describe it as “removing the blocks that keep us from knowing ourselves as love”.  When we remove those blocks, only then do we reside in the natural state of our authentic self. This is when we begin to access the emotions at the top of the scale and to attract higher vibrational experiences into our lives.

Under the umbrella of Consciousness Rising, Inc is Donna Bond Professional Coaching and Consulting and Paul Bond Fine Art. Both, inspiring your wisdom to raise the consciousness on the planet.

“The best description of our inherent nature is that we are, at our core, comprised of the energy we call Loving. So Spiritual Awakening is about becoming more and more aware of our nature as Loving beings. The opportunity is that the only way life on this earth transforms is when enough people Awaken themselves to their inherent nature.”

— H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D.,
President, University of Santa Monica

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