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Donna Bond - Professional Life Coach Using Spiritual Psychology and Speaker

“As a transformational difference maker, I am passionate about inspiring people to take the inward journey. I help people decide from their heart, what brings them total joy and then teach them how to Dream it Up into Physical World Reality”
—Donna Bond


“Donna Bond has changed my life. A year ago I was feeling so lost, I had a wonderful husband and a great job but I felt like something was missing in my life. I was like a mouse on a wheel frantically trying to get somewhere but not getting anywhere. I would wake up every day with an underlying sadness, a cloud that didn’t seem to go away no matter how successful I was. I would often feel guilty for not appreciating all that I had. 

After meeting with Donna to find out what I wanted to get out of our time together, I committed to a series of sessions. Donna tailored my sessions to my personal goals. There was also homework and readings that she assigned according to my goals and what came up during my sessions. I learned so much about myself and how to attract what I want in my life and let go of what I didn’t want. There is a balance and peacefulness in my life now that was not there before working with Donna. 

If you are experiencing dissatisfaction in your life, especially if it is in multiple areas as I have learned it is all connected, I would recommend working with Donna Bond. My day to day life is not so different but it is enriched, my husband is still wonderful and my job is still great but now I wake up appreciating and loving my life and the people in it. I have made me a priority in my life…. I deserve it!”

dandelion seeds water dropsTerri W, Program Specialist Newport Mesa Unified School District
“WOW, Donna! You were terrific on every level to me.

Your public speaking skills are wonderful…very polished and professional. Seems like you have been doing it for a long while. Great command of the information too! You seemed prepared to me and very fluent with the content. Loved your personal story and how you made it fit with the content and the message. So good.

This surprised me as well: I thought I would be watching this and just critiquing you and all of the above. I never expected to personally connect with what you are saying……but I did! I even got choked up when you got choked up. I was engaged and reflective on how what you were saying related to me on different levels. I Really didn’t expect that.”

dandelion seeds water dropsMichael
“Donna Bond’s expertise in both practical, effective marketing knowledge as well as business and personal coaching has directed my fine art business from a start-up/unknown artist to a six-figure per year professional art career in just a few short years. She knows which avenues garner the highest returns and has my art in front of more people than I thought possible in this time period. And equally importantly, through her coaching assistance she has helped me overcome my own physiological barriers regarding worthiness and value of my self and my art. This has cleared the way for me to take great strides forward professionally, financially and in terms of personal satisfaction with my life. To have someone who can guide a company or individual through the practical nuts-and-bolts phases, as well as the mental and emotional hurdles involved in creating and growing a business, is rare indeed.”
dandelion seeds water dropsPaul Bond, Professional Artist
“If you are reading this…you are in the right place! You have found Donna Bond and your life will never be the same. That is what happened to me. The company I work for hired Donna as a marketing consultant and as the director of marketing, it turned out they also hired me a life coach. It has been the most extraordinary professional year of my life. Donna was so effective and gentle in helping me be a better leader and provided guidance and tools that I now use every day to manage up, down and all around in my job. It has also been an extraordinary personal year. Donna has brought so much light into areas of my life that were stuck, which has resulted in amazing growth for me spiritually. She is helpful in connecting my actions to the results and coaching me on how to make shifts for desired results, which ultimately works for every area of my life!”
dandelion seeds water dropsSara H
“Your talk was positive and gave our audience so much to think about and take away, keeping true to the title “Renew You”. It was a wonderful way to begin the new year.”
dandelion seeds water dropsCynthia, Creative Visions
“Hi Donna, Thank you for the session. I was really able to articulate what has been a big unresolved matter for me in the past and move past shame and guilt. I really appreciate the sacred space you held for me. What was most striking for me is the level of your unconditional acceptance, the deep listening in the Silence and your willingness to be playfully interactive.

All my Love and Gratitude,

dandelion seeds water dropsIshika, Creative Visions
“Working with Donna started as one of those things where you don’t exactly know what to expect, to being one of those things that you can’t imagine not having in your life. In all her grace, Donna consistently shows up in love and good-heartedness, genuinely wanting to help you in the ways that you need it. Her passion for her work flows through her in everything that she does. 

As much as Donna is skilled in her teachings and guiding you through the learning experience with trusting tools, there is an beautiful presence of humanity involved as well. The moment you connect with Donna, be it via phone, email, or in person, the nonjudgmental, accepting, and open heart of hers is strongly felt. You know that she cares, as well as trust that she is there for you. 

In her years of professional work, in additional to her self-discovery and unraveling of her spiritual self, Donna is a phenomenal person to have the opportunity to work with. Whatever you are looking for, in whatever area of your life that needs awakening, enlightenment, or simply extra love, Donna is a stable source to help you find yourself, your best path, and/or what it is that you need to be your authentic you. I am so grateful to have her as a forever mentor, and with honor I highly recommend Donna to you on your journey as well.”

dandelion seeds water dropsReanna, Program Mgr Ladera Sports Center
“How does one describe a coaching session with Donna Bond in just a few short words?  Brilliant-Organic-Intuitive Guidance -Heart-Truth-Action-Life Changing!   My time with Donna Bond not only put my life into action but brought me a sense of peace and balance that opened my levels of loving and embracing my life beyond imagination.  She commands a space of heart centered knowing when you are in her presence while she taps into the depths of your inner being and assists you in expressing your unique best self.  Donna is truly a beacon of Light and I feel so genuinely honored have her insight.  My Light truly shines brighter after working with her.”
dandelion seeds water dropsLouise Marie, Life Path Intuitive & Teacher
“Hello Donna.First off, let me say how incredibly grateful in for having you helping me on this project. I just started coaching a freshman girls volleyball team this week and I was feeling overwhelmed with how to get everything done. And to read the pages you created for me made me cry at realizing I am not alone in trying to put this all together. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you have come up with.Love and Light,”
dandelion seeds water dropsNatacha, Life Doctor
“I am so grateful to be in this program with Donna as my coach. We are only through week 6 and I feel shifts starting. The work is powerful and so is Donna. She is a very grounded, centered and spiritual being/coach. Donna makes me feel safe to share my dreams and my past that has kept me from attaining them. I don’t feel judged I feel empowered. I would recommend the Dream Builder Program and Donna Bond to everyone.”
dandelion seeds water dropsLindsey
“When I am going through challenging life situations, I’m very picky about who I talk to.  I want someone who is kind, compassionate and a great listener, but I also want that person to give it to me straight and call me out when I’m not aligned with my higher self.

I’m SO thankful Donna Bond has this unique combination of attributes and she is reliably always there to help me”

dandelion seeds water dropsOlivia
“Thank you very much for a wonderful afternoon of educational and soul searching experience, and the great guide-book that will take me in a new life journey, I enjoyed every moment…thank you for the personal stories and emotional feelings along the course that made it so unique. I left feeling renewed, with great expectations about my future and feeling a unique happiness and gratitude. I left behind sad stories and welcome a new feeling in my heart! I can say now that “I AM” a happier person, “I AM” a lot more positive about my future, “I AM” the heart of my family, “I AM” filled with love.
Thank you!!”
dandelion seeds water dropsAntoinette, Studio Gallery
“There are many wonderful life coaches – knowledgeable, compassionate, competent and helpful. Donna belongs in a very small subset of that group: the rare and magical! Working with Donna has been a life changing experience. An eye-opening journey, which has helped me discover who I am and who I would like to become.”
dandelion seeds water dropsOlga P
“Donna Bond is an extra-ordinary Life Teacher — Beyond Coach!….Why?

Because she is COMMITTED, willing, open, receptive to listening to, following her Heart…her guidance, her Soul in ALL
she Does….and Being-ness is SO prevalent with her, that she is and will do whatever it is and takes to Be, Live, and Walk her Flow…
her “rhythm1”

Her capacity to share herself authentically — I call it “Being Real!” — is SO AMAZING to me…..through her knowledge, expertise, passion,
compassion lies…her innate strength and within it, vulnerability in Being….the Warrior-ess she simply Is! ANYTHING she does, whether it is
speaking, coaching, her retreats are All….LIFE TRANSFORMING — you come away changed from the inside — and she tracks with you

Her depth, intuition, professional life experiences and education make her a profound, well-rounded Life Transformational Teacher, Speaker,
Facilitator in Becoming who You are and Donna THE person to assist you as you go through your Life Transitions. Donna intuitively UNDERSTANDS
what you are going through: she meets you where you are and SO assists and supports you in your Life!

I LOVE her Passion — and really Love her “Getting to the Point” in all she teaches and knows — She is a laser beam who is focused, yet is simultaneously
tracking with her innate abilities in getting you what you need — as well as gives space to feel SO safe, nurtured and nourished in our time together!
Being seen, heard, understood and acknowledged are Gifts she gives — that is So…Donna Bond!

What I LOVE about Donna is all the above and more….if I were to sum it all up, I’d say she is….EXCELLENCE, DEPTH, PASSION, SOUL, KIND,

Yes! She is a Catalyst — to assist and support others in not only who they Are Becoming; she REMINDS as a Remembrance of Who they Already

Donna Bond is simply, “the Best of the Best” and I highly recommend her for Any and All categories she teaches —

She is truly a One in a Million….and Beyond!”

dandelion seeds water dropsCynthia Makhoul Starr , Founder HeartSpeak International
“Donna, I’ve been enjoying our calls immensely, and I very much look forward to continuing with the rest of your class!  Since I began working with you I have made progress towards my goals! My big goal for the last year or so has been to create a life where I have time, space, and energy to pursue my passion for music, and I am very excited to say that I have done just that.  I have accepted a job offer with a new employer, which also means I’ve had to quit my old job rather suddenly and relocate about 200 miles away.

Thank you for your work!”

dandelion seeds water dropsRachael
“I don’t have words for my gratitude or my love for the Master Coach that is Donna Bond. There are many coaches out there who will help you make tangible steps in creating the business of your dreams, and there are many talented spiritual healers who will help you work through your “stuff” and find meaning in your life. Donna is a master of both these realms. She gently and lovingly held space for me, helping me work through the spiritual and emotional blocks that were preventing me from owning my gifts and skills, and at the same time held me accountable to tangible steps and choices that brought my offering and 7OM to life successfully and beautifully and in a way that makes my heart sing. Her ability to dance effortlessly between the worlds of practical concerns and spiritual reality makes her one of the greatest coaches and mentors around today. I felt understood, I felt seen and I felt able to trust in the practical advice of someone who has achieved so much tangible success in the world. If you have big dreams in your heart and are feeling lackluster or scared or frustrated, skip therapy and business coaches and go straight to the Journey Master and DreamBuilder herself. My six months working together with Donna is unquestionably one of the greatest greatest choices I have ever made in my life.”
dandelion seeds water dropsNicola Behrman, Creator of 7OM
“I can truthfully say Donna was my angel in disguise. She raises the bar for other life coaches and is a professional who embodies authenticity, integrity, spirit and unconditional love. From my very first session with Donna she applied her deep energy and enthusiasm to create enough trust for me to immediately share my true feelings. Her coaching services are humbly, yet masterfully offered within a sacred space co-created with you and for you. Should you make the important decision to trust Donna as your coach, you’ll surely find yourself enjoying an experience full of self-discovery, empowerment, excitement and growth. You’ll find you’re creating the life you’ve always desired. Donna thank you for helping me re-experience and living the true, I AM… in Saun……”
dandelion seeds water dropsSaun L, Dir of Sales & Marketing Crescent Court

Our Happy Clients

“My personal WHY is to raise the vibration on the planet”
—Donna Bond
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