Seeing My Soul Gifts in All That Is

Seeing My Soul Gifts in All That Is

Seeing My Soul Gifts in All That Is

“I am a vibrational ambassador for the world I want to live in.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

There were only twelve people from around the world in this mastermind, and there was Dawn. As soon as I saw her I thought, “Oh no”. I first met Dawn in the lab for my coaching program at USM. She wasn’t in the class with all of us for the ten months leading up to the lab, but she audited the completion portion of the program and participated in the grand finale.

The lab for me was a celebration of all the ways I had grown as a life coach over the last ten months. It was a way for me to shine and to be seen and really stand forward in my authentic power and knowledge in front of my teachers and peers.

But, that’s not what happened.

Dr. Robert Holden was facilitating the coaching lab. I was so excited. He is lovely and when I am with him I am aware that he is the presence of love embodied. He was the keynote speaker at Royce Hall when I graduated with the portion of my Masters in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. On the first day of the lab, I shared with Mary Hulnick how I pretty much cried through Robert’s entire book Loveability, because it was so beautiful. Mary encouraged me to have Robert sign my book this week. I was overjoyed at the thought.

During the lab Robert used a beautiful black top hat (British I presume) to select names of people he would interact with throughout the program. Each time he reached into that hat with his silly half grin and the twinkle in his starry eyes, you could feel the anticipation in the room. You could almost hear everyone’s inner voice, “Pick me, pick me, pick me”. This went on all week. For six days. Every exercise, every assignment, every interaction, a name was pulled from the hat.

For an entire week my name, however, never, ever got pulled out of that hat.

And it was magnified by the fact that I stood in line on three separate occasions during the breaks to have Robert sign my copy of Loveability. Each time, the break would end just as I was next in line. I could feel myself flood with the disappointment and watch the stories in my head I began to make up about not being seen.

To add insult to injury with all of this, we did a beautiful morning exercise each day where we had the chance to hold hands and gaze into the eyes of other people in the room. It was a special and intimate exchange. Robert participated in this each day, but the energy flow never seemed to bring him and I together.

While I was busy being mad that no one was seeing me, Dawn’s name got pulled out of the hat. Then it got pulled out again. And, again. And, again. And, oh my God – why doesn’t he take her damn name out of the hat!!?? Again. She was seen and seen again and again and again. This was a trigger for me and Dawn became my outward projection of Being Seen. Or not.

So, all this happened. And now she’s in my mastermind. In a mastermind where there are only twelve people on the whole planet. And, there she is.


During my first private coaching call with Robert, I briefly share about Dawn. Robert chuckles and acknowledges me for sharing and we both know there is a bigger, deeper more soulful reason that Dawn and I have been brought together. Robert and I don’t talk about this, we just know it and it gets couched. My coaching continues.

We are three-quarters of the way through the Mastermind and surprisingly for me, Dawn has kind of been in the wings. She took a delicious trip through Europe and spent more time in Tuscany than with our group. I was unaffected by her. I was not in her shadow. And that was fine with me.

Then, and I knew it was just a matter of time, her and I get paired for peer coaching. Our coaching theme is My Soul Gifts.

We went back and forth on dates a few times to set our session. She mentions that on Sunday she is unable to meet in the morning as she will be attending Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth. I didn’t think twice in replying to her email and asking her if I could invite myself to go with her. Then, follow with our session. I thought this would be a lovely way for her and me to connect at a deeper level and I had not been to Agape in about 18 years. On some level I knew this union would somehow reveal the mystery of what we had to learn from one another.

She said yes.

We met out front at eleven. She had a couple of family members with her. We shuffled into the row in the beautiful historic LA theatre. Me first, then her family members, then Dawn on the end. We enjoyed a beautiful meditation together and then the service began. Forty minutes in, finally Michael Bernard Beckwith begins his share.

The first thing I notice is he has freed himself from his long braids and is now totally bald. I observe him as a live wire. Literally. He is bursting with aliveness. It’s as if he is unable to contain the energy that runs through him. He is a yeller. All his posse are yellers. At one point I was laughing as the people at the podium allowed their passion to burst through them, they were yelling. I remembered that everything is a projection and reminded my sweet self that is what I sometimes express when I too am filled with excitement and possibility.

Putting into words what occurred for me during Reverend Michael’s share is not easy. I can still touch into the swell in my chest bursting with the emotion of love and gratitude and overflow for this sacred experience and remembering. This little package of a man, this live wire embodied with all the magic and possibility for each one of us, reminded me of my Divinity.

He reminded everyone, and I am sure I must not have been the only one in the room with deep emotion pouring through me. But, in that moment it was all about me.

He held and acknowledged my empathic anguish for a broken world, my shock and dismay for our political climate, my own inner discouragement, doubt, distance, separateness and disillusionment. In a humongous wave of pure Divine Love with the focused trajectory of a shooting star he blasted away everything that was not the Truth. He blasted away anything that was not unlimited Divine potentiality.

“YOU ARE HARDWIRED FOR BLISS AND JOY!” he shouted. Getting everyone to join in asking for us to proclaim after his lead, “There is so much beauty in you, so much love and intelligence in you, so much power in you, and you have come to set it free, to make a mighty difference on this planet and to change the world for the better. Let’s be about this in the here and now. Feel the vibrational field you are creating with each other.” He reminded us that we are all connected because this presence is never absent.  He shared about how consciousness proceeds form. With the burst of enthusiasm that he is, he reflected to me all that I AM. He reflected the beautiful example of who I want to be, what I am here to share, what I believe at the deepest level of my beingness.

I sobbed.

I sobbed because I created this magnificent reminder. Because I am face to face with the responsibility of creating my own reality and the way it was reflecting to me with such magnitude, presence, grace and balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in the most luscious and juicy way.

I sobbed because in his expression Michael reflected to me, all my Soul Gifts.

He boldly defined with such clarity that humanity IS moving forward, and this is what it looks like to prepare us for a fast and enormous shift forward. That the women’s voice will never be silenced again due to recent events. That, what looks like “going backward” is just the tension of the slingshot being pulled in reverse which is just the preparation for an accelerated shot of evolution.

In every cell, every fiber of my being, I knew this to be true. It was the coaching I needed. Michael was the reminder. Michael Bernard Beckwith is my mirror.

For me and so many.

At one point, he invited all the women in the room to stand and then invited the men to follow his lead in unison, “We honor you, we support you, we support the rising of the divine feminine as the healing power on this planet. We stand with you, you are unmuted, you have power, love, creativity, you’ve got it all, we welcome it on this planet NOW”.  And so, it is. Amen.

I couldn’t contain myself. I continued to sob.

Humbled by the remembering of why I am here, of what I am here to do. Reminded so clearly about how it works in the new world, how I want to experience the new earth. Reminded in the reflection of the gifts of my soul.

Inspired and reminded that WE must carry the vibration of the world we want to live in. That WE must BE the vibrational match to what we want. Reverend Michael gifted me with a new mantra I will be using as a checkpoint, a set point, a reference point for my life and my work.

“I am a vibrational ambassador for the world I want to live in.” and “I am prepared for more good than I can imagine”

I shout this from the rooftops. I emanate this as the vibrational frequency I am sending out and that I share with all whom I encounter. This is who I am and how I want to be seen.

My gratitude is spilling over. Even before the service, before Michael spoke a single word, during the meditation I had a deep sense of gratitude that was palpable. There is an energy, a vibration that is held by the beautiful people in this community. And it is real, and I can feel it.

I am in awe of this man and what he is bringing to this earth, what he has created in this Spiritual community and the foundation he has created to support all the Lightworkers, Gods, Goddesses, Teachers, Sages, Oracles, Wisdom Keepers and Healers that have chosen THIS time to be here on THIS planet.

He is a reset for my true north. He is how I see myself and my Soul Gifts.

I looked down my row at Dawn. With my nose running and makeup smeared I mouthed to her, “Thank you”, as I placed my hand on my heart and gaze deeply into her eyes in a gesture of love toward her. “Thank you”. I sat back on my velvet chair supported by the steel stadium seating in the Saban Theatre. I marveled at the silver etchings on the ceiling and the sea of people who were all just here loving each other.

What if coming to Agape today, on this day, was the reason Dawn’s name got pulled out of the hat so many times? What if Dawn was my reflection of what it means to be seen. To stand forward. To BE the vibrational match to who I am and what I want to experience in this life. What if this whole unfolding is just another elaborate and magical way that Spirit has orchestrated for me as a deep remembering of why I am here and what I am here to do and who I am here to be. Dawn is the catalyst for my Soul Gifts and seeing my reflection in all that is.

Yes, let’s go with that.

I am a vibrational ambassador for the world I want to live in. I am alive. I am grateful. I am embodied with love, peace, joy, aliveness, connection, intuition, knowingness. I am my loving nature, majesty, wisdom, resonance, illumination, truth and bliss. I am magic and synchronicity and wonderment. These are the gifts of my soul, and therefore; My Soul Gifts.

I am grateful for the connections, the relationships, the experiences that lift me up, that show me, me – I am appreciating my Soul Gifts and the Soul Gifts of every unique, individualized expression of the Divine. And today, on this day, I am grateful to see myself. And, I am grateful for Dawn.

If you’d like to experience the inspiration of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, click here and page down to the Sunday service at 11:30. Reverend Michael begins sharing at 41 minutes.

Today is Where Your Book Begins

Today is Where Your Book Begins

Today is Where Your Book Begins

Trusting the Universe Without a Plan

Several months ago I experienced a major trust walk in my life, when I showed up for a live presentation, without a plan. Ending unplanned!  It was quite freeing and quite magical as I relied only on one thing. Trust. Trust in the universe. Trust in God. Trust in myself. 

I went on faith that the information I intended to share was going to come through me and that whomever was in the audience that was supposed to hear it, would. I went on trust that the right words, the right stories, the right energy would just simply flow. Without rehearsal, without a script, without an actual plan. And that it did. My talk was beautiful, meaningful, eloquent and delivered with grace. It was me allowing myself to step forward with courage to access my truth and share what I know to be true. And I do this completely from my heart. Without a plan. Yet, in partnership with the universe, with Spirit.

While giving the talk, I actually verbalize to the people in the audience that I am in a place of complete neutrality about what they think about my talk. And I really am. If what I share resonates deeply with them, then that is amazing and it brings me joy. And, if it does not, then that is so okay! The truth I share is mine and mine alone and I’m just happy to be able to share it. If it’s not true for anyone else, so be it!

The authentic power in this position is incredible, the benefits are so so many when we can just have the courage to be ourselves. To show up as you, for you, to be you. To show up as the real YOU. No rehearsal, no trying, so planning. To show up without the need for approval and to show up without seeking adoration or validation. To speak your truth because it’s from your heart, its just something you want to share.

On the way home after delivering this presentation, as I rocked out to the awesome Natasha Bedingfield track, (which I have secretly always considered my theme song) There were a few words that I wasn’t quite catching in the song. I went on the internet searching for the few lyrics I still wasn’t hearing clearly in this song. And then, I marvel at the perfection of the universe as they are revealed to me on this day. On this very special, personally monumental day for me.

In the past, I was a girl that didn’t get caught dead without a plan!

So, on that day, the day without a plan, I seek out the lines I could never quite understand before, “today is where your book begins” and I just laugh at my beautiful, crazy, Divine, synchronistic life.  I revel in the deep knowing in that moment, that we get to begin our lives every single day.

As we drove home from my unplanned talk I thought about really writing the book now. It’s in me. And I have decided, I’m really going to do it. I’m going to finish my class and write a book. I laugh out loud as I seek the lyrics and they are this!

The metaphor of being able to write our own story every day is filled with power and inner knowing. It is a reminder that we are creating our lives as we go along. It is the allowing of our soul’s longing to express the truth of who we really are. And the courageous action of our hearts to step forward regardless of what anyone else thinks. Being willing to live into the Divine Unknowing and risk being comfortable there. Unwritten.

If you are interested in being alerted when the book does come out, Click HERE to leave your email address. You will also receive my free gift of the Imagination Journey.

All In – Choosing to Change Our Beliefs

All In – Choosing to Change Our Beliefs

Choosing to Change Our Belief Systems

Our belief systems are engraied in us from the time we are small children, choosing to change our beliefs is not always easy. Sometimes, life helps us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

When I was 23 my father, Joe, died suddenly. Since then, he’s been leaving pennies for me and my sisters. We find them in the most unusual places and at the most unusual times, and we always know it is a little nod from our dad. I hear you. I see you. I support you. I’m here with you. What makes this particularly meaningful is that my dad was a banker.

Like most people, I adopted the values that my family held dear without thinking much about it. My dad was a workaholic and he taught all three of us girls that life was all about hard work and sacrifice. That’s just the way it was. And for a long, long time I operated under that belief. That’s just the way it was. And this idea, this belief system (who a dear friend of mine affectionately refers to as B.S.) was not just something that started with my father. It came from his father, and his father, and his father, and all the fathers going 90 generations back. This belief goes DEEP into my past, and it had engrained itself into the cellular tissue of my DNA.

But in this life, I decided to transform it.

I spent 28 years climbing the corporate ladder, and coming from an Italian immigrant family I did very well. I became a vice president and made a consistent six figure salary. My dad would have been proud. Yet a Spiritual Awakening in 2014 changed everything for me. I abruptly quit my job, temporarily hung out a shingle as a marketing consultant and moved towards a career as a life coach. Today, I can honestly say, I am living my life on purpose. And being a coach is large part of that purpose.

I’ve been coaching full time now since July of 2016. Yet while I’ve built my business I’ve kept my options open regarding any marketing projects. I left information on my website about being a marketing consultant, entertained marketing consulting gigs and even kept a bank account under the name “Donna Bond Marketing”.

My father would have looked at being a marketing executive as a more respectable living than one of a life coach. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure my father wouldn’t have had a clue about what a life coach even is (hell, neither did I just a couple of years ago!). And, in the back of my mind, as a safety net, I thought if I don’t make it as a coach I can always go back to marketing. This might kill my Spirit, but that’s a topic for another post.

I have done a lot of emotional clearing work. Many coaching sessions as the client and lots of self-exploration and awareness around this BS idea that prosperity and success can only flow to me with hard work and sacrifice. I’ve looked at it, taken it apart, and I now understand where it came from. I have reframed it to: “prosperity and success flow to me with ease and grace”. While I’ve been building my coaching practice, I have suspended my fears about money – and things are flowing just fine.

Yet still, somewhere deep inside there had been this tiny holding back.

This voice of the ego that says things can’t really be different, or that easy. A doubt that creeps in when the flow is on pause, or the old stories that I identified myself with try to replay themselves. In the past, I was literally my job. There was no such thing as my life. There was only work.

A couple of weeks ago I did more emotional processing with some amazing healers with the intention to finally release this belief. We did deep clearing work around this old pattern. In the session, we referred to it as the Italian Mafioso Miasm. A miasm is a heavy cloud of something unpleasant or unhealthy. We cleared it. Again. But this time it had some punch. I felt the release, and I cried the tears.

I was aware that as I cleared this pattern for myself, I was also energetically clearing it for all the generations behind me and all the generations in front of me. We are all connected. And that is the beautiful effect that is so amazing about doing healing work for yourself.

My professor at the University of Santa Monica, Dr. Ron Hulnick says, “Every time one person resolves one issue, all of humanity moves forward.”

A couple of days later I went to the bank to make a deposit. I decided that it was time for me to remove the marketing content on my website and close the bank account for “Donna Bond Marketing”. Thus, fully demonstrating to the universe that I am indeed ALL IN as a professional coach. I love this profession. It’s the one of the most vital professions in the world as far as I am concerned. And I know I am making the world a better place as I assist each person in resolving an issue.

While closing the bank account the banker says, “let me see if we owe you any interest…. Yes,” he says, “we owe you one cent”. He then begins to perform what seems to me like a LOT of paperwork for one cent. Then he walks me over to the teller and I have to stand in line to get my penny. It was taking a really long time while he and the teller are trying to figure additional things out in the computer.

Suddenly, I knew it was my dad.

I was standing there at the teller’s window knowing this whole charade was a nod from Joe. He was giving me his support to live my life differently. To give up the belief system that success and prosperity can only come through hard work and sacrifice. He was acknowledging the release I experienced and from the tie to the BS he unconsciously taught me while growing up. Bye bye Italian Mafioso Miasm.

Hello, ease and grace and joy and fulfillment.

I let the tears trickle down my face. I smiled a huge smile as the banker (the BANKER, mind you, not the teller), handed me a penny. And I thought to myself, I am all in. I am so grateful for my own tenacity in wanting things to be different in my life, and in my consciousness. I am so grateful for the profound life lessons I have been gifted with and my ability to learn from them to make my life better.

I acknowledge myself for not giving up, for continuing to do the emotional work to shape my life into something extraordinary. After all, our beliefs shape our world.

Days later I was on the phone with my coach and shared this story. He asked me, “What year is on the penny?” I said, “I’m not sure I didn’t look that close at it, but I have it right here” I had to take out a magnifying glass. After some fumbling and trying to get it in the light, I was able to see. “Son of a bitch (my father would have said) it’s 1991”, the year my father died.

I said to my coach an affectionate saying among my closest girlfriends, “You just can’t make this shit up.”

When you are interested in updating some old beliefs, email Donna Bond at to learn more about how to do this. 

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