Seeing My Soul Gifts in All That Is

Seeing My Soul Gifts in All That Is

Seeing My Soul Gifts in All That Is

“I am a vibrational ambassador for the world I want to live in.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

There were only twelve people from around the world in this mastermind, and there was Dawn. As soon as I saw her I thought, “Oh no”. I first met Dawn in the lab for my coaching program at USM. She wasn’t in the class with all of us for the ten months leading up to the lab, but she audited the completion portion of the program and participated in the grand finale.

The lab for me was a celebration of all the ways I had grown as a life coach over the last ten months. It was a way for me to shine and to be seen and really stand forward in my authentic power and knowledge in front of my teachers and peers.

But, that’s not what happened.

Dr. Robert Holden was facilitating the coaching lab. I was so excited. He is lovely and when I am with him I am aware that he is the presence of love embodied. He was the keynote speaker at Royce Hall when I graduated with the portion of my Masters in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. On the first day of the lab, I shared with Mary Hulnick how I pretty much cried through Robert’s entire book Loveability, because it was so beautiful. Mary encouraged me to have Robert sign my book this week. I was overjoyed at the thought.

During the lab Robert used a beautiful black top hat (British I presume) to select names of people he would interact with throughout the program. Each time he reached into that hat with his silly half grin and the twinkle in his starry eyes, you could feel the anticipation in the room. You could almost hear everyone’s inner voice, “Pick me, pick me, pick me”. This went on all week. For six days. Every exercise, every assignment, every interaction, a name was pulled from the hat.

For an entire week my name, however, never, ever got pulled out of that hat.

And it was magnified by the fact that I stood in line on three separate occasions during the breaks to have Robert sign my copy of Loveability. Each time, the break would end just as I was next in line. I could feel myself flood with the disappointment and watch the stories in my head I began to make up about not being seen.

To add insult to injury with all of this, we did a beautiful morning exercise each day where we had the chance to hold hands and gaze into the eyes of other people in the room. It was a special and intimate exchange. Robert participated in this each day, but the energy flow never seemed to bring him and I together.

While I was busy being mad that no one was seeing me, Dawn’s name got pulled out of the hat. Then it got pulled out again. And, again. And, again. And, oh my God – why doesn’t he take her damn name out of the hat!!?? Again. She was seen and seen again and again and again. This was a trigger for me and Dawn became my outward projection of Being Seen. Or not.

So, all this happened. And now she’s in my mastermind. In a mastermind where there are only twelve people on the whole planet. And, there she is.


During my first private coaching call with Robert, I briefly share about Dawn. Robert chuckles and acknowledges me for sharing and we both know there is a bigger, deeper more soulful reason that Dawn and I have been brought together. Robert and I don’t talk about this, we just know it and it gets couched. My coaching continues.

We are three-quarters of the way through the Mastermind and surprisingly for me, Dawn has kind of been in the wings. She took a delicious trip through Europe and spent more time in Tuscany than with our group. I was unaffected by her. I was not in her shadow. And that was fine with me.

Then, and I knew it was just a matter of time, her and I get paired for peer coaching. Our coaching theme is My Soul Gifts.

We went back and forth on dates a few times to set our session. She mentions that on Sunday she is unable to meet in the morning as she will be attending Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth. I didn’t think twice in replying to her email and asking her if I could invite myself to go with her. Then, follow with our session. I thought this would be a lovely way for her and me to connect at a deeper level and I had not been to Agape in about 18 years. On some level I knew this union would somehow reveal the mystery of what we had to learn from one another.

She said yes.

We met out front at eleven. She had a couple of family members with her. We shuffled into the row in the beautiful historic LA theatre. Me first, then her family members, then Dawn on the end. We enjoyed a beautiful meditation together and then the service began. Forty minutes in, finally Michael Bernard Beckwith begins his share.

The first thing I notice is he has freed himself from his long braids and is now totally bald. I observe him as a live wire. Literally. He is bursting with aliveness. It’s as if he is unable to contain the energy that runs through him. He is a yeller. All his posse are yellers. At one point I was laughing as the people at the podium allowed their passion to burst through them, they were yelling. I remembered that everything is a projection and reminded my sweet self that is what I sometimes express when I too am filled with excitement and possibility.

Putting into words what occurred for me during Reverend Michael’s share is not easy. I can still touch into the swell in my chest bursting with the emotion of love and gratitude and overflow for this sacred experience and remembering. This little package of a man, this live wire embodied with all the magic and possibility for each one of us, reminded me of my Divinity.

He reminded everyone, and I am sure I must not have been the only one in the room with deep emotion pouring through me. But, in that moment it was all about me.

He held and acknowledged my empathic anguish for a broken world, my shock and dismay for our political climate, my own inner discouragement, doubt, distance, separateness and disillusionment. In a humongous wave of pure Divine Love with the focused trajectory of a shooting star he blasted away everything that was not the Truth. He blasted away anything that was not unlimited Divine potentiality.

“YOU ARE HARDWIRED FOR BLISS AND JOY!” he shouted. Getting everyone to join in asking for us to proclaim after his lead, “There is so much beauty in you, so much love and intelligence in you, so much power in you, and you have come to set it free, to make a mighty difference on this planet and to change the world for the better. Let’s be about this in the here and now. Feel the vibrational field you are creating with each other.” He reminded us that we are all connected because this presence is never absent.  He shared about how consciousness proceeds form. With the burst of enthusiasm that he is, he reflected to me all that I AM. He reflected the beautiful example of who I want to be, what I am here to share, what I believe at the deepest level of my beingness.

I sobbed.

I sobbed because I created this magnificent reminder. Because I am face to face with the responsibility of creating my own reality and the way it was reflecting to me with such magnitude, presence, grace and balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in the most luscious and juicy way.

I sobbed because in his expression Michael reflected to me, all my Soul Gifts.

He boldly defined with such clarity that humanity IS moving forward, and this is what it looks like to prepare us for a fast and enormous shift forward. That the women’s voice will never be silenced again due to recent events. That, what looks like “going backward” is just the tension of the slingshot being pulled in reverse which is just the preparation for an accelerated shot of evolution.

In every cell, every fiber of my being, I knew this to be true. It was the coaching I needed. Michael was the reminder. Michael Bernard Beckwith is my mirror.

For me and so many.

At one point, he invited all the women in the room to stand and then invited the men to follow his lead in unison, “We honor you, we support you, we support the rising of the divine feminine as the healing power on this planet. We stand with you, you are unmuted, you have power, love, creativity, you’ve got it all, we welcome it on this planet NOW”.  And so, it is. Amen.

I couldn’t contain myself. I continued to sob.

Humbled by the remembering of why I am here, of what I am here to do. Reminded so clearly about how it works in the new world, how I want to experience the new earth. Reminded in the reflection of the gifts of my soul.

Inspired and reminded that WE must carry the vibration of the world we want to live in. That WE must BE the vibrational match to what we want. Reverend Michael gifted me with a new mantra I will be using as a checkpoint, a set point, a reference point for my life and my work.

“I am a vibrational ambassador for the world I want to live in.” and “I am prepared for more good than I can imagine”

I shout this from the rooftops. I emanate this as the vibrational frequency I am sending out and that I share with all whom I encounter. This is who I am and how I want to be seen.

My gratitude is spilling over. Even before the service, before Michael spoke a single word, during the meditation I had a deep sense of gratitude that was palpable. There is an energy, a vibration that is held by the beautiful people in this community. And it is real, and I can feel it.

I am in awe of this man and what he is bringing to this earth, what he has created in this Spiritual community and the foundation he has created to support all the Lightworkers, Gods, Goddesses, Teachers, Sages, Oracles, Wisdom Keepers and Healers that have chosen THIS time to be here on THIS planet.

He is a reset for my true north. He is how I see myself and my Soul Gifts.

I looked down my row at Dawn. With my nose running and makeup smeared I mouthed to her, “Thank you”, as I placed my hand on my heart and gaze deeply into her eyes in a gesture of love toward her. “Thank you”. I sat back on my velvet chair supported by the steel stadium seating in the Saban Theatre. I marveled at the silver etchings on the ceiling and the sea of people who were all just here loving each other.

What if coming to Agape today, on this day, was the reason Dawn’s name got pulled out of the hat so many times? What if Dawn was my reflection of what it means to be seen. To stand forward. To BE the vibrational match to who I am and what I want to experience in this life. What if this whole unfolding is just another elaborate and magical way that Spirit has orchestrated for me as a deep remembering of why I am here and what I am here to do and who I am here to be. Dawn is the catalyst for my Soul Gifts and seeing my reflection in all that is.

Yes, let’s go with that.

I am a vibrational ambassador for the world I want to live in. I am alive. I am grateful. I am embodied with love, peace, joy, aliveness, connection, intuition, knowingness. I am my loving nature, majesty, wisdom, resonance, illumination, truth and bliss. I am magic and synchronicity and wonderment. These are the gifts of my soul, and therefore; My Soul Gifts.

I am grateful for the connections, the relationships, the experiences that lift me up, that show me, me – I am appreciating my Soul Gifts and the Soul Gifts of every unique, individualized expression of the Divine. And today, on this day, I am grateful to see myself. And, I am grateful for Dawn.

If you’d like to experience the inspiration of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, click here and page down to the Sunday service at 11:30. Reverend Michael begins sharing at 41 minutes.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Daily Spiritual Practice

Daily Spiritual Practice,
Even if You’re Not Spiritual

The pattern among many of my clients this week is the exploration and creation of a daily spiritual practice. When I’m in session with my clients, inevitably a theme will rise to the surface of our conversation that we’ll want to explore deeper. This weeks popular theme is daily spiritual practice.

It just so happens I’m participating in a Mastermind group right now about Success Intelligence with Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D., and in this same week he suggested that a daily Spiritual practice is a requirement for taking our lives to the next level. Particularly if you want to play big.

“What if I’m not Spiritual?” you may be asking.

That’s perfectly fine, because then we get to work with energy.

So, I would first ask: Do you believe in energy? And that this energy has an intelligence to it that is the breath of life that animates all living beings? This is the energy that powers nature to do what it does all by itself and the same energy that keeps the planets spinning around without crashing into each other—it’s all the same stuff. Some people call it God or the universe, some see it as energy. It’s your choice how to interpret it.

I suggest honoring this energy, for its rewards are manifold. Work with it, play with it, let it flow. Savor its power within you and outside of you. This is the energy that animates you, so why not form a relationship with it? This is the beginning of mastery.

Here’s an example of this: after my first year of daily energy/spiritual practice, I had a prophetic dream that cancer was growing in my chest. My discovery was then verified by doctors who acted to save my life. It’s important to note that it was my spiritual (energy!) practice that created this dream, that allowed me to remember it and know how to process it for my wellbeing. (That story HERE)

So, what do we know about energy?

  • Everything is energy
  • It can’t be created or destroyed, as Einstein famously stated
  • It’s expressed in different forms
  • It just is – and it’s everywhere

Plus, energy IS our consciousness. And our consciousness IS how we are interpreting our reality—quite the mind-bender, yes?

Now where you place your focus or attention is where energy flows, because energy exists in every single thought you think and every single word you speak.
Why bother to create a daily spiritual practice?

Generally, people are not disciplined. This is because we force our lives into so many things that we “have to do” that when we have a free moment, we just want to break free. I am inviting you into this practice as a different way to create freedom in your life. Freedom to express, freedom to be who you want to be. Freedom to just be you with no rules or expectations or commitments.

I recommend you slow down and first place your focus on you. You and you. You and this energy—this higher power, this infinite intelligence. Notice it, sense into it, acknowledge this life force that animates you. Build a rapport. Begin a dialogue. Start a life-long conversation.
This energy has information for you.

Make your practice enjoyable. Create a space you love and gather together mind-enriching, heart-expanding “toys.”

My practice is “buffet style.” I start with about 26 minutes of TM meditation. There are a lot of meditation options out there. Then I “feel into” what is calling to me today. What messages are there for me? Is it in A Course in Miracles? Is it in one of my poetry books? The Abundance Book? Do I want to raise my awareness with knowledge about Soul Transcendence? Perhaps I will revisit my affirmations or ideal scenes about what I am creating in my life. I have a stack of Divinity cards I love to pull from. I have gathered together crystals and candles, dream journals and gratitude lists. Each day, following my silent stillness with the universe, I engage my mental and emotional levels of consciousness with whatever my heart is calling for in that moment.

If any of this resonates, here is what my my daily Spiritual practice looks like. Feel free to experiment with any of these ideas to find what feels right to you.

I love it so much and hardly ever miss it! It is the foundation of calm in my life. It is the undercurrent of peace and it’s always there. Through my daily spiritual practice of engaging with this beautiful peaceful energy, I am able to “tap into it” in the midst of chaos because I am intimately familiar with what it is and how to connect to it. My daily spiritual practice is time for me to allow my wisdom to merge with my consciousness. A time to step away from to-do’s and achievements and have to’s, ought to’s and shoulds. This is my time away from work, from responsibilities, from relationships, from my pets and my husband and my clients. This is my time. This is freedom.y daily spiritual practice is how I remind myself every day that the most important person in my life experience is me, and the energy breathing me. Sacred time.

Give it a try. Even if it’s just for five minutes. Intend to be still. You can BE with you. Relate to YOU. Listen to yourself breathe. For just five minutes. And then do it again tomorrow, and the day after that. You may find yourself falling in love. In love with life, in love with yourself, with this energy, with this infinite intelligence. You will support yourself and your life. You will create a foundation of support for yourself to play big.

Even if you’re not spiritual.


Create Soulful Connections

Create Soulful Connections

Create Soulful Connections

by Using “And” Instead of “But”

How do we create soulful connections? Some of the most popular actors in movies of the last decade have come out of the “Improv” world simply by saying “Yes, and…” to their fellow actor in scenes that are improvised. This makes the scene crackle with possibility because everyone’s in the same creative flow, living in the moment.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Don’t we also respond well when the other person we’re talking to not only acknowledges our point, and builds on it?

Put “but” into the mix, however, and it’s like a record scratch. All of a sudden a previously smooth road has a jarring speed bump in it. Insert even more buts and a potentially joyful interaction can turn into a jolting, unpleasant experience, and we’re not even sure why.

Making the change from “but” to “and” for myself has been hugely transformative, as it has for my clients as well. One in particular started using this technique recently and was able to create possibilities in her life that weren’t available before, so I thought I’d share a little more about it with you.

The question has to be asked: why would well-meaning, good-hearted people like you and the people you know knowingly or unknowingly create this friction in conversation? Consider this:

A group of people are sitting in a circle around a particularly interesting sculpture in the center. Each gazes upon it and develops their unique take on it. Each has their own uniquely distinctive perspective. Some see it straight on, some from the opposite end. Some similar, some very different. Yet, all shared as they sit in this circle together.

I think the world is like this. We all have a different outlook on things.

Creating Soulful Connections with Donna Bond

But then as humans, we hear a perspective that is different than ours and tend to scratch our head and wonder how on Earth can that person not see what I’m seeing?“But their idea is backwards!” normally well-meaning, kind-hearted people will point out. And that my friends, is what we call a judgement.

When our judgments are in play, they keep us separated. In a world where everyone truly is longing for closeness, for togetherness, wholeness, oneness – we must be willing to drop our judgements to allow ourselves to come into alignment and therefore unity with others.

So why is it even a bit toxic to “but” into people’s space?

When we choose to use “but,” in a way we are discounting the other person’s perspective. We are making them wrong by superseding their position or perspective and invalidating their point… and by extension, them. When we use “but” we are making ourselves “right” and the other person “wrong.” “But” keeps us attached to our positionality.

“And” allows us to share and enhance the perspective without discounting or excluding the other person’s point. It’s inclusive, which feels good and even makes us feel secure on a primal level. “And” recognizes that we’re both sitting around the circle with our different perspectives being as worthy as the others.

It seems simple, right? Just change the word “but” into “and” and watch the love flow! If you’ve been “butting” your whole life, however, it will take some awareness around this to create the “and” habit and let things flow.

Give it a try. Notice the next time you’re about to say “but” and instead say, “Yes, and…” I guarantee you will have more of their respect and admiration and maybe most valuable of all, their trust (a form of love). When you have someone’s trust, the most miraculous things can blossom that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

Because we’re all in sacred circle with each other, our very humanity at the center, it’s up to us how we engage with it. With each other. And with our Selves. See if this strategy assists you in making soulful connections.

And, so it is.

Check out this article on Thrive Global Here

Under the umbrella of Consciousness Rising, Inc is Donna Bond Professional Coaching and Consulting and Paul Bond Fine Art. Both, inspiring your wisdom to raise the consciousness on the planet.

Appreciation for a Joy-Filled Life

Appreciation for a Joy-Filled Life

The energy of Appreciation and Gratitude.

With every thought we have, an emotional response will follow. Thoughts ALWAYS precede emotions. So every thought impacts our emotional state. Moment by moment we choose which thoughts to entertain and invest energy in – and predictable emotions always follow.

The psychiatrist, physician and researcher, Dr. David Hawkins, measured through kinesiology that every emotion vibrates at a certain frequency. Emotions at the higher end of the scale, such as love, peace and joy, are what we are all seeking. When we’re in love and playful joy, we feel lighter, uplifted, filled with clarity and inspiration. Things go our way. New opportunities and possibilities arise. We’re in the flow. In what Abraham calls “The Vortex.” And all that you desire to be, do and have resides in this vortex.

One of the quickest, most powerful ways to raise into the higher emotional realms is through appreciation. It is different than gratitude, which usually has a feeling of having overcome something negative associated with it. Appreciation is a higher vibration and is being thankful for something as it is. It is pure. Appreciation is on the same level as love. Appreciation is everywhere we want to be.

It’s not always easy to maintain a sustained level of love and joy, but we can ALWAYS find things to appreciate in our lives.

Appreciation is intentionally guiding thoughts to raise our emotional vibration. Lifting us to where love, joy and peace also reside. Practicing appreciation daily places us in the stream of goodness. The more time we spend appreciating, the more we’ll experience those positive emotions and experiences that go along with it.

We always choose which thoughts to entertain and invest energy.

When we observe a negative thought we can choose to interrupt it. In doing so we can bypass the resulting negative emotion and the potential physical experience. By momentarily stopping and appreciation something, anything, in that moment it can be an effective tool to shift negative thinking.

By accessing more of these higher emotions we also leverage the law of attraction, which like the law of gravity is always at work. It operates equally with both negative and positive emotions. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Therefore, if we want to attract love, joy, happiness and peace we need to be in or near those emotional states. Whatever emotional state is most dominant becomes a beacon for bringing forth those things that reflect that state.

Accept this opportunity.

Create a list of “Things I Appreciation” and write at least one thing every morning for 30 days. It can be journal by your bed or on a sheet. My husband and I taped a piece of paper to the bathroom mirror. Everyday we write something we’re appreciating. For me sometimes it was high thread count, a butterfly going by, my amazing clients and the fact that they chose me, my kitty cats, the silver in my hair and the money I am learning how to make in a new way as a solopreneur. For my husband it’s our garden, great surf, a good hair day, listening to music and creating in his art studio.

What are you appreciating?

Wherever there is something good, notice it. Look at your money, relationships, health, family, career, beloved pets, your surroundings – notice all of the good. Be in a state of appreciation for all of the many blessings that surround you. They are everywhere. You just need to slightly shift your attention to notice them.

Ponder and savor what you place your attention on. Revel in the many wonderful things you have going on around you at any moment. Slow down. Take a deep breath and look. They are there. This simple practice can transform your life. Joy is all around, hidden in the things we are appreciating and thankful for.

Three Key Elements to a Fulfilled Life

Three Key Elements to a Fulfilled Life


Once a week my husband puts on the same song, Claudio Monteverdi’s Zefiro Torna, and plays it through the stereo’s outdoor speakers. This is his announcement to the plants that he is going to make love to the garden. That’s what he calls it. He goes from plant to plant to flower whispering, “you are my favorite… and you are my favorite… and you are also my favorite.” This weekly ritual leaves our backyard blooming with plants growing in love and abundance.

This focused attention embodies three key elements to a full life.

The first is appreciation. Let me pause briefly by sharing that appreciation and gratitude are closely related sisters, but there is a subtle vibrational difference. Gratitude often has a feeling of overcoming some past struggle. As in “I’m grateful, these trees are finally bearing fruit.” Whereas in appreciation there is full acceptance of what is. We are in peace. We overlook any flaws that may be present to our ego’s critical eye and are appreciating things as they are. Appreciation is the recognition and the enjoyment of all that’s going with what we are observing.

We thoroughly love and appreciate our backyard space. We love the green vines that wrap around our house. We love the blooming apple blossoms that burst each spring. We appreciate the juicy oranges and lemons on our full trees. It’s like we live at a resort. We walk around our own back yard and say to each other, “it’s pretty nice here huh?” So nice, that we usually aren’t anxious to go anywhere on vacation because our standards have become so high. The more love and appreciation we bestow upon our sacred garden space, the more it seems to return its favors to us in the form of beauty and abundance.

The second attribute is one of Connection. Being in our sacred backyard space instills a connectedness to our earth mother, or Pachamama, as the indigenous people of the Andes call her. To the Oneness, we feel with all things in creation and the promise and expectancy to something more, something greater. Connection to what is breathing us, this thing we call life. Tapping into and connecting to this ever-present Life Force directly nurtures our Being, fueling us with rejuvenation.

The third attribute is loving nurturing. When we give our heartfelt attention to something, we want to nurture it. Like the lover who captivates our devotion, it becomes our natural desire to give all our time, energy and care to the object of our affection. The result is thriving – both for the lover and beloved.

One of my favorite principals in Spiritual Psychology is that “outer experience is a reflection of inner reality.” I know that our well-tended cared for, and loved back yard is but merely a reflection of the love that we are. It is the outer demonstration of the truth of who we really are inside.

What are you ready to appreciate, connect with and nurture in your life?

Slow Down and Discover Your Life

Slow Down and Discover Your Life

Slow Down

Discover Your Life

Slow down? Not in my plan. Slowing down wasn’t something that I thought was okay. It wasn’t in my realm. Slow down to discover my life? I hadn’t a clue!

It was 1993. I was the Director of Revenue Management at the Marriott Cypress Creek Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. My boss, Greg, pulled me into his office one day. He was not happy with me. He got really really close to my face, nose to nose, and said the politically correct way of saying, “slow the F*ck down” he yelled, “you are wound WAY TOO TIGHT!”

And I was.

Over the years this pattern of go, go, go, run, run, run, do, do, do became my M.O. Somehow, I thought, if I was the busiest person in the office I would seem more important. So, I never stopped at the water cooler for a chat. I didn’t play office trivia because that was wasting far too much time with co-workers I didn’t really know anyway. And never coming up for air created its own form of self-induced stress.

I locked into this pattern and let it run my life. Five days before my 47th birthday, a doctor told me I had triple negative breast cancer. That stopped me in my tracks. Once I slowed down, I asked myself, “where did my life go?”

We fragment ourselves. We splinter our energy. We literally drain our own life force because we are never fully present in the moment. We are usually focused on tomorrow – chasing a destination, worried about what else needs to get done besides what’s in front of us. Or, we are fixated in the past, harboring resentment, bearing a grudge. Pining for what was.

How often are you right here, right now?

What is the rush anyway? Much of the time, if we are honest with ourselves, the rush is only in our heads. We make up the sense of urgency. We do this to purposely fill the empty spaces, to cover up our real feelings, to numb ourselves from some real or imagined discomfort.

For too many years I was missing the moments that were in front of me. Life was slipping through my fingers. I learned the classic workaholic patterns from my father, who died at age 44. And there I was at 47, facing my own mortality thinking, “Oh my God, I need to slow the f**k down or I am going to die too.”

Aside from being lifesaving, slowing down for me has been hugely rewarding and fulfilling. The biggest gain has been in coming to know myself and my life. 

Slowing down has allowed me to listen to my inner guidance system, which has regular, consistent wisdom on what will bring happiness and enrichment into my life. Slowing down has allowed me to become fully present and engage with the moments right in front of me. Slowing down has brought magic and synchronicity into my days. It has allowed me to replenish my life force and increase my energy levels.

Slowing down has allowed me to fall in love with myself and my life. Discovering the person and the life that was right there in front of me all along.

Let me guide you on your journey of self-discovery and acceptance. During my Discover the Authentic You women’s retreat, you will unearth what it means to live your life with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. To learn more or register for this unique opportunity, visit