Transform Problems Into Possibilities

Transform Problems Into Possibilities

“Art by Paul Bond”

Right now, chances are you’re feeling at least a little disenchanted, bored, confused, frustrated or even scared. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that looks fabulous on the outside but just doesn’t feed your Soul and as you’ve had time to slow down through this crisis, you are realizing this. Perhaps you’ve created the life that you thought you wanted… but somehow you’re just not happy. Or maybe you just know there’s MORE for you to BE and do but you can’t figure out how to get to it.

I totally get it.

Now that everyone is finding themselves out of their comfort zone, it would be helpful to know how to navigate this journey.

I can help.

I was a corporate marketing executive, married to an amazing guy, making a lot of money, living in a beautiful house and at “the height of my success,” and the truth was I felt a soul-crushing lack of meaning and purpose in my life and I was really unhappy. It happens to a lot of us. I’ve also worked with so many clients who have had this same experience.

So, I want you to know that deep, authentic transformation is truly possible. You can create a life, career and relationship that is totally ALIGNED with your inner being — one that makes you feel ALIVE, FULFILLED and JOYFUL. And is ABUNDANT. And, you don’t have to completely change yourself and your life to experience this.

I know transformation is possible because I’ve done it.

So I created a free mini course that will support you in getting unstuck because it’s packed with useful information.

In the first video I reveal the secret ingredient that gets you unstuck. I give you a peak into the process of transformation so it’s not so scary and I help you understand why you’re stuck and how to get out. In part two, we explore your apprehensions. A.K.A. your Fears! We look at how to dissolve any doubts and concerns that keep you in the stuckness. In Day 3 we you commitment to yourself to own your innate power – which is what you need to create what you truly want. The last part of the course is sharing about the ultimate success. This is the place where your life feels GOOD on the inside — not just on the outside.

The real opportunity for transformation here is I guide you through exercises where you can take action and actually move yourself forward.

If you’re ready to REALLY dig in and create a life that is totally aligned with your inner being — that is MEANINGFUL and makes you feel FULLY ALIVE, I’m here to be your guide. I’ve been in your shoes. On the surface it looked like I had it all and on the inside my Spirit was dying! This showed itself in multiple health crisis’s until I was ready to make changes that brought my wholeness into alignment.

So many people have come to me because they also felt stuck in a life that doesn’t light them up. Many of my clients were experiencing health issues, depression or anxiety. Many felt lost, disenchanted and confused. Some weren’t sure what they even wanted. But they knew their Soul was calling them to more. So, they took the leap.

And, in just 6 months of working with me, they were able to find their authentic voice, unleash their inner creator, experience more self-love AND create a life that truly lights them up. So, if you are ready, I’d be honored to be your guide —

Think about it — what would your life look like a year from now if things stay exactly the same? Really think about that. Do you want to choose the same old rerun pattern you’ve been on?

OR, will you choose to align with your highest self and create a life that feeds your Soul – from the INSIDE out.

If you’re ready to move forward to your full potential, I’m here for you. Click HERE to get your free mini course and get started today.

Meeting Yourself With Love

Meeting Yourself With Love

“Art by Paul Bond”

In a world where most of us grew up measuring ourselves against someone or something else and living in an environment where one continually feels “I am not enough”, I have experienced the blessed privilege of learning that there is actually a miracle that takes place in Acceptance.

I’ve just completed a six-month mastermind with Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D. Robert teachers that “No amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self-acceptance.” Through this beautiful mastermind journey called Love Centered Coaching, I embarked on the voyage believing I would come away from this experience being a more loving coach.

We explored many perspectives on healing and what heals and how we heal and Robert so brilliantly suggests that when we Lightworkers see ourselves as “healers” – people will always show up sick. When we see our role’s as coaches as “fixers”, people will always appear broken.

Yet, when we can Love people instead of healing or fixing them, the miracles really do take place.

As I conclude this six-month inquiry on Love, what I realize at the deepest level is my ability to love anyone else is predicated first on my willingness to love myself. Loving myself means loving all of me. The good, the bad, the ugly and like I say to my clients, the super wicked ugly. (I’m from Connecticut, where wicked is a really popular verb).

How do we begin loving ourselves?

I learned that my self-image is actually incapable of loving all the messy parts that I don’t even want to look at. It’s incapable because it’s mired in judgment, wants to appear perfect and quite frankly wouldn’t know how to love all of me if it tried.

But Love knows how.

Dr. Holden suggests, “Love is intelligent” and as a student in this six-month inquiry on love, I allowed love to lead the way, to guide and inform me. I let love be my teacher. And in that, I met Love and more importantly, I let love meet me. Love just melts away of the judgment’s the learned self (aka our ego) carries around everywhere it goes. Judgments are powerless when they are met with Love’s presence.

My Soul (and yours and everyone’s for that matter) is comprised of the energy of love.

I have this image of my Soul, higher self, my Authentic Self, the wisdom filled part of me that exists beyond space and time in a limitless Spiritual energy of love to gently, gracefully and miraculously merge its sweetness with my human self, the learned part of me, comprised of the physical, mental and emotional part of me.

As these two parts intersect, in my mind’s eye, I see the vesica piscis. Mathematically, according to Wikipedia, the vesica piscis is a type of lens, a mathematical shape formed by the intersection of two disks with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each disk lies on the perimeter of the other. In my inner vision, I see the intersection vertically. One circle representing the Higher Self and the other circle representing the Human Self. The intersection in the middle representing meeting yourself with love.

Meeting Yourself With Love, is Loving All of You.

Loving all of you brings us back to this idea of acceptance. Instead of dumbing ourselves down, reinforcing how we continually make ourselves wrong and then punish ourselves for it or living our lives on this constant quest to be good enough, what if we met it all with acceptance?

What if we saw it all as an expression of the Divine?

This brings us back to judgment. Or removing judgment I should say. When we can see with the eyes of love, there is no need for judgment. Everything just is. It is what it is. It’s not good or bad or right or wrong. It’s not black or white or up or down. Love removes the judgment in polarity and ushers in oneness through acceptance.

The truth is that energetically, we are all one. Everything is energy just expressed in different forms. (Pretty sure Einstein said this and quantum physics proved it) So, if we are really all One, and everything is connected then, I am you and you are me.

The path to Oneness can only be paved with love. It’s the only real, true, essence that can guide us to this place.  If all of humanity is on the hero’s journey and our destiny is Oneness, the path to get there can only be the path of love.

Here’s where I get to quote Michael Jackson. “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways……And no message could have been any clearer, If you want to make the world a better place……Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.

Meeting Myself With Love

Seeing the connection in all things,
Is the revelation.
I am you,
And you are me.
On the Hero’s journey,
All of humanity,
As our destiny.

Fated is the path to Oneness,
With Only Love
Meeting me,
Emerging through me,
As me.
When I acknowledge the
Loving Quality of my true presence,
Accepting all of me,
Giving permission
To Be me,
As the Love that I am,
I mirror all of me
Back to you.
Closing the loop in the
To All That Is.
© Donna Bond

Daily Spiritual Practice

Daily Spiritual Practice

Daily Spiritual Practice,
Even if You’re Not Spiritual

The pattern among many of my clients this week is the exploration and creation of a daily spiritual practice. When I’m in session with my clients, inevitably a theme will rise to the surface of our conversation that we’ll want to explore deeper. This weeks popular theme is daily spiritual practice.

It just so happens I’m participating in a Mastermind group right now about Success Intelligence with Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D., and in this same week he suggested that a daily Spiritual practice is a requirement for taking our lives to the next level. Particularly if you want to play big.

“What if I’m not Spiritual?” you may be asking.

That’s perfectly fine, because then we get to work with energy.

So, I would first ask: Do you believe in energy? And that this energy has an intelligence to it that is the breath of life that animates all living beings? This is the energy that powers nature to do what it does all by itself and the same energy that keeps the planets spinning around without crashing into each other—it’s all the same stuff. Some people call it God or the universe, some see it as energy. It’s your choice how to interpret it.

I suggest honoring this energy, for its rewards are manifold. Work with it, play with it, let it flow. Savor its power within you and outside of you. This is the energy that animates you, so why not form a relationship with it? This is the beginning of mastery.

Here’s an example of this: after my first year of daily energy/spiritual practice, I had a prophetic dream that cancer was growing in my chest. My discovery was then verified by doctors who acted to save my life. It’s important to note that it was my spiritual (energy!) practice that created this dream, that allowed me to remember it and know how to process it for my wellbeing. (That story HERE)

So, what do we know about energy?

  • Everything is energy
  • It can’t be created or destroyed, as Einstein famously stated
  • It’s expressed in different forms
  • It just is – and it’s everywhere

Plus, energy IS our consciousness. And our consciousness IS how we are interpreting our reality—quite the mind-bender, yes?

Now where you place your focus or attention is where energy flows, because energy exists in every single thought you think and every single word you speak.
Why bother to create a daily spiritual practice?

Generally, people are not disciplined. This is because we force our lives into so many things that we “have to do” that when we have a free moment, we just want to break free. I am inviting you into this practice as a different way to create freedom in your life. Freedom to express, freedom to be who you want to be. Freedom to just be you with no rules or expectations or commitments.

I recommend you slow down and first place your focus on you. You and you. You and this energy—this higher power, this infinite intelligence. Notice it, sense into it, acknowledge this life force that animates you. Build a rapport. Begin a dialogue. Start a life-long conversation.
This energy has information for you.

Make your practice enjoyable. Create a space you love and gather together mind-enriching, heart-expanding “toys.”

My practice is “buffet style.” I start with about 26 minutes of TM meditation. There are a lot of meditation options out there. Then I “feel into” what is calling to me today. What messages are there for me? Is it in A Course in Miracles? Is it in one of my poetry books? The Abundance Book? Do I want to raise my awareness with knowledge about Soul Transcendence? Perhaps I will revisit my affirmations or ideal scenes about what I am creating in my life. I have a stack of Divinity cards I love to pull from. I have gathered together crystals and candles, dream journals and gratitude lists. Each day, following my silent stillness with the universe, I engage my mental and emotional levels of consciousness with whatever my heart is calling for in that moment.

If any of this resonates, here is what my my daily Spiritual practice looks like. Feel free to experiment with any of these ideas to find what feels right to you.

I love it so much and hardly ever miss it! It is the foundation of calm in my life. It is the undercurrent of peace and it’s always there. Through my daily spiritual practice of engaging with this beautiful peaceful energy, I am able to “tap into it” in the midst of chaos because I am intimately familiar with what it is and how to connect to it. My daily spiritual practice is time for me to allow my wisdom to merge with my consciousness. A time to step away from to-do’s and achievements and have to’s, ought to’s and shoulds. This is my time away from work, from responsibilities, from relationships, from my pets and my husband and my clients. This is my time. This is freedom.y daily spiritual practice is how I remind myself every day that the most important person in my life experience is me, and the energy breathing me. Sacred time.

Give it a try. Even if it’s just for five minutes. Intend to be still. You can BE with you. Relate to YOU. Listen to yourself breathe. For just five minutes. And then do it again tomorrow, and the day after that. You may find yourself falling in love. In love with life, in love with yourself, with this energy, with this infinite intelligence. You will support yourself and your life. You will create a foundation of support for yourself to play big.

Even if you’re not spiritual.


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