28 years of hospitality experience and a long list of credentials contribute to the expertise, skills and practical application I bring to position your product in standing apart from your competitive set. I help your hospitality establishment grow market share and top line revenues while expanding and enhancing relationships with your customers so you can maximize profitability.

Strategic Assessment


Through evaluation of current marketing materials, strategies, campaigns and tactics, we will work together with the current marketing and communications team to identify and set goals in alignment with achieving greater exposure for your business. We will define clear pathways to develop marketing plans and provide ongoing monitoring and measurement to accomplish overall objectives.


How Do You Stand Apart?

Establish solid positioning in your competitive set. Together we determine if your product definition and value proposition demonstrate independence from your competitors. This positioning becomes foundational in marketing messages.

Campaign Development & Deployment

Cast a Wide Net & Garner Attention

With an integrated approach to multi-channel marketing, we will increase exposure and create more awareness for your business, both off and online. Your presence will expand through public relations, advertising, and integrated campaign. Craft fewer and more meaningful messages while increasing their distribution through multiple relevant channels in niche market categories.

Strategic Partnerships

Build Bridges with Allies

Through research and exploration, we will identify leverage and negotiate meaningful partnerships that share a parallel target audience. This strategy will result in further reach, market penetration and attracting new prospects. Identifying mutual goals and outlining partnerships that are a win-win for all parties is a cost effective way to bring a new and relevant client base within reach.

Agency Management & Direction

Working Together with Your Agency

We will enact regular interaction and monitoring with agencies that are supporting your business to keep them on track with your organization’s dynamic plan. I will ensure they are responsive to your changing needs as your business expands and bring recommendations to you on how to maintain their focus on what is most meaningful to your business.

Research and Recommendation

Vetting Solicitations

Identifying new marketing opportunities and learning about new possibilities to connect your business is necessary for any growing organization to stay abreast of today’s trends, marketplace and opportunities. Done properly, this process can be a full time job. Direct the calls my way and I will evaluate the audience, reach and promotional opportunities to determine possible connections for your overall business plans and objectives.

Incorporate Sense of Place

Create Experiences

Together through discussion and exploration, we will design and create differentiating, brand-defining client experiences that garner consumer interest and media attention. These experiences will draw on your environment and your culture and come to life to create lasting impressions and emotional connections.

Express Yourself

Photography & Video Guidance

Increase capture and conversion with fresh, brilliant and relevant photography (and video) that conveys emotion to the viewer. In today’s digital world, bringing your product to life through photography and video that communicates your voice and culture is key. I can plan, direct and be on set representing your business in the execution of a photo shoot or video production.

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Hospitality Marketing Team Work