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Donna Bond - Professional Life Coach Using Spiritual Psychology and Speaker

“As a transformational difference maker, I am passionate about inspiring people to take the inward journey. I help people decide from their heart, what brings them total joy and then teach them how to Dream it Up into Physical World Reality”
—Donna Bond


“There are many wonderful life coaches – knowledgeable, compassionate, competent and helpful. Donna belongs in a very small subset of that group: the rare and magical! Working with Donna has been a life changing experience. An eye-opening journey, which has helped me discover who I am and who I would like to become.”
Olga P
“WOW, Donna! You were terrific on every level to me.

Your public speaking skills are wonderful…very polished and professional. Seems like you have been doing it for a long while. Great command of the information too! You seemed prepared to me and very fluent with the content. Loved your personal story and how you made it fit with the content and the message. So good.

This surprised me as well: I thought I would be watching this and just critiquing you and all of the above. I never expected to personally connect with what you are saying……but I did! I even got choked up when you got choked up. I was engaged and reflective on how what you were saying related to me on different levels. I Really didn’t expect that.”

“Donna Bond’s expertise in both practical, effective marketing knowledge as well as business and personal coaching has directed my fine art business from a start-up/unknown artist to a six-figure per year professional art career in just a few short years. She knows which avenues garner the highest returns and has my art in front of more people than I thought possible in this time period. And equally importantly, through her coaching assistance she has helped me overcome my own physiological barriers regarding worthiness and value of my self and my art. This has cleared the way for me to take great strides forward professionally, financially and in terms of personal satisfaction with my life. To have someone who can guide a company or individual through the practical nuts-and-bolts phases, as well as the mental and emotional hurdles involved in creating and growing a business, is rare indeed.”
Paul Bond, Professional Artist
“If you are reading this…you are in the right place! You have found Donna Bond and your life will never be the same. That is what happened to me. The company I work for hired Donna as a marketing consultant and as the director of marketing, it turned out they also hired me a life coach. It has been the most extraordinary professional year of my life. Donna was so effective and gentle in helping me be a better leader and provided guidance and tools that I now use every day to manage up, down and all around in my job. It has also been an extraordinary personal year. Donna has brought so much light into areas of my life that were stuck, which has resulted in amazing growth for me spiritually. She is helpful in connecting my actions to the results and coaching me on how to make shifts for desired results, which ultimately works for every area of my life!”
Sara H
“Your talk was positive and gave our audience so much to think about and take away, keeping true to the title “Renew You”. It was a wonderful way to begin the new year.”
Cynthia, Creative Visions
“Hi Donna, Thank you for the session. I was really able to articulate what has been a big unresolved matter for me in the past and move past shame and guilt. I really appreciate the sacred space you held for me. What was most striking for me is the level of your unconditional acceptance, the deep listening in the Silence and your willingness to be playfully interactive.

All my Love and Gratitude,

Ishika, Creative Visions
“Thank you very much for a wonderful afternoon of educational and soul searching experience, and the great guide-book that will take me in a new life journey, I enjoyed every moment…thank you for the personal stories and emotional feelings along the course that made it so unique. I left feeling renewed, with great expectations about my future and feeling a unique happiness and gratitude. I left behind sad stories and welcome a new feeling in my heart! I can say now that “I AM” a happier person, “I AM” a lot more positive about my future, “I AM” the heart of my family, “I AM” filled with love.
Thank you!!”
Antoinette, Studio Gallery
“Hello Donna.First off, let me say how incredibly grateful in for having you helping me on this project. I just started coaching a freshman girls volleyball team this week and I was feeling overwhelmed with how to get everything done. And to read the pages you created for me made me cry at realizing I am not alone in trying to put this all together. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you have come up with.Love and Light,”
Natacha, Life Doctor
“I am so grateful to be in this program with Donna as my coach. We are only through week 6 and I feel shifts starting. The work is powerful and so is Donna. She is a very grounded, centered and spiritual being/coach. Donna makes me feel safe to share my dreams and my past that has kept me from attaining them. I don’t feel judged I feel empowered. I would recommend the Dream Builder Program and Donna Bond to everyone.”
“When I am going through challenging life situations, I’m very picky about who I talk to.  I want someone who is kind, compassionate and a great listener, but I also want that person to give it to me straight and call me out when I’m not aligned with my higher self.

I’m SO thankful Donna Bond has this unique combination of attributes and she is reliably always there to help me”

“Donna is a creative, honest, professional who goes above and beyond to listen to and meet the needs and goals of her clients. Her plan of action is always a win-win for all who are involved. Her enthusiasm and energy, not just for what she loves to do, but for ‘life’, is catchy. “
Barb, Development Director
“Donna Bond is a brilliant marketer. Period. She has been working with our team at Hotel del Coronado for the past year on several key projects, which have all been tremendously successful. Her efforts around our repositioning – from writing the new positioning statement, to guiding the strategic planning and brand book process – breathed a new life into The Del. She was able to work with several leaders to bring the new vision into alignment and gain consensus on key objectives, initiatives and campaigns that were all rolled out under this new positioning. Tactically, she brought the vision to execute a beautiful new lifestyle photo shoot, launch a new web site and refresh collateral and campaigns for every revenue center.
Her deep knowledge of the industry and revenue management (in addition to marketing), was a huge benefit as she could easily identify trends and areas of opportunity for quick action.

From an organizational standpoint, Donna created an improved structure for the marketing team and laid the groundwork for continued growth. Everyone here – from the marketing team to operations – welcomed and valued Donna’s insight and contributions. She was an amazing asset and we will continue to see the results of her work for years to come.

Personally, I cannot say enough about Donna. She coached me to be a better leader and her work ethic is impeccable.”

Sara H, Director of Marketing Hotel del Coronado
“I don’t have words for my gratitude or my love for the Master Coach that is Donna Bond. There are many coaches out there who will help you make tangible steps in creating the business of your dreams, and there are many talented spiritual healers who will help you work through your “stuff” and find meaning in your life. Donna is a master of both these realms. She gently and lovingly held space for me, helping me work through the spiritual and emotional blocks that were preventing me from owning my gifts and skills, and at the same time held me accountable to tangible steps and choices that brought my offering and 7OM to life successfully and beautifully and in a way that makes my heart sing. Her ability to dance effortlessly between the worlds of practical concerns and spiritual reality makes her one of the greatest coaches and mentors around today. I felt understood, I felt seen and I felt able to trust in the practical advice of someone who has achieved so much tangible success in the world. If you have big dreams in your heart and are feeling lackluster or scared or frustrated, skip therapy and business coaches and go straight to the Journey Master and DreamBuilder herself. My six months working together with Donna is unquestionably one of the greatest greatest choices I have ever made in my life.”
Nicola Behrman, Creator of 7OM
“Donna, I’ve been enjoying our calls immensely, and I very much look forward to continuing with the rest of your class!  Since I began working with you I have made progress towards my goals! My big goal for the last year or so has been to create a life where I have time, space, and energy to pursue my passion for music, and I am very excited to say that I have done just that.  I have accepted a job offer with a new employer, which also means I’ve had to quit my old job rather suddenly and relocate about 200 miles away.

Thank you for your work!”

“I have been an Administrative Assistant for The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel for almost 15 years. I have had the privilege of working directly for 5 extraordinary Directors of Sales and Marketing. Without hesitation my last 4 years of assisting Donna Bond have been the most remarkable. Donna’s passion, tenacity, talent and execution of her role as Director of Marketing clearly reinvented the face of an already well respected and recognized flag ship hotel. Her discerning marketing placement in advertising and social media, in addition to offering artistic and luxury specialty events, engaged innumerous new guest and client demographics. In 2013 these efforts helped propel The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel to its highest gross revenue in its 30 year history. Her vision of what the world is seeking in the luxury hospitality experience is truly exemplary. On a personal level, Donna is respected as a kind, compassionate friend with a great sense of humor. Her collective attributes made her a revered leader not only in our hotel but in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.”
Marguerite D., Sales Administrative Assistant

Our Happy Clients

“My personal WHY is to raise the vibration on the planet”
—Donna Bond
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