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The Belief System of Shoulds and Oughts!

Our beliefs in Shoulds and Oughts are the mud that layer our lives – covering up our soul’s longings, our life’s purpose, and our true selves. They are typically someone else’s rules which we end up trading our time for, trading our lives for. This was a serious wake up call for me when I found myself compromising my Soul’s calling  because I thought I SHOULD stay in my high powered corporate job. I OUGHT to just shut up and buck […]

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Manifest the Year Ahead – Ten Simple Steps

I would like to share my insights to my own personal success as it pertains to manifestation. First off, I believe this works because I am living proof of using this magic formula in my own life and second, when we can create on a quantum level, we are literally moving molecules. Shaping energy. We live in a damn HOLOGRAM! We are powerful creators beyond our knowing. If we can simply approach our lives believing that IT IS POSSIBLE, we are already […]

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What is Your Focus On?

Where your attention goes, energy flows. What you focus on attracts what your focus is on. Like attracts like. The universal law of attraction is always working. It works just like the law of gravity or the law of electricity. It works in tandem with our focus and when our focus is on the wrong stuff, that is what we are bringing into our awareness – we don’t even realize it. I’ll give you an example. Last summer half of […]

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Who You Are, is Not What You Do –

Who you are, is not what you do. Did you ever notice that when you meet someone for the first time, one of the first things we ask the other person is, “What do you do?” Somehow this albeit tribal question, we think; immediately tells us about the other person. Or does it?

As I have recently made a big career change at the age of forty-seven I have found myself going through a mourning process over my work identity. Especially […]

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Journey of Transformation to – You Are Enough

On our journey of transformation we have the chance to experience an important realization, that we are enough.

We spend so much time and energy trying to please so many people in our lives. We are looking for their approval, their admiration and their endorsement to make us feel that we are good enough, smart enough, capable enough and ultimately, that we are worthy. Spiritually speaking no one can make you feel more worthy, because we already are worthy simply because […]

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Your Imagination – Packed in Your Earth Suit Tool Kit

When you agreed to come here to planet Earth you were sent with many gifts. One of those gifts is your imagination. It got packed in your Earth Suit Tool Kit and EVERYBODY got one! The magical thing about our imagination is that it’s directly connected to our hearts.

What would you imagine if you didn’t believe it was impossible?

And, what if our thoughts were the currency by which we “put our order in” with the universe?

Quantum physics and quantum mechanics […]

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Part the Clouds

Part the Clouds

My first husband never really understood me, but I do think he was trying to catch on to my ways. When I would decide on something and then start taking action in that direction, regardless of if (he thought) it made sense or not – he would say, “Are you trying to part the clouds again?” because I honestly believed that I could.

So, why do we get stuck thinking that we “can’t”? Why don’t think we […]

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Just Decide and Snap to It!

Remember Samantha in Bewitched? I loved that show! Perhaps that contributed to my forever quest as a seeker. Remember all the amazing things she did? Dinner on the table, cleaned the whole house, hid her husband from her mother (or was it the other way around?) all in a nose wiggle or even better a snap of the fingers! Perhaps our abilities are more similar to Samantha than we realize. I think, we too have magic powers. We have this […]

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Dream It Up

What would you love to create in your life?

This little talk (it’s about an hour) is the pre-cursor to Mary Morrissey’s Dreambuilder Course that I teach. Mary is an inspirational teacher who has been speaking and teaching Spiritual truths for more than forty years. She is my mentor and I am so proud to be able to teach her program. This material resonated deeply with me when I encountered it because I realized I had been a Dreambuilder my […]

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