19 06, 2015

Part the Clouds

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Part the Clouds

My first husband never really understood me, but I do think he was trying to catch on to my ways. When I would decide on something and then start taking action in that direction, regardless of if (he thought) it made sense or not – he would say, “Are you trying to part the clouds again?” because I honestly believed that I could.

So, why do we get stuck thinking that we “can’t”? Why don’t think we […]

12 06, 2015

Just Decide and Snap to It!

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Remember Samantha in Bewitched? I loved that show! Perhaps that contributed to my forever quest as a seeker. Remember all the amazing things she did? Dinner on the table, cleaned the whole house, hid her husband from her mother (or was it the other way around?) all in a nose wiggle or even better a snap of the fingers! Perhaps our abilities are more similar to Samantha than we realize. I think, we too have magic powers. We have this […]

5 06, 2015

Let Love Surprise You

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Let Love Surprise You

Today, I want to acknowledge Ashely, a young woman in my class at USM – who started a movement called Let Love Surprise You. Ashley writes love letters and leaves them in places where the perfect person will find them. One of the things I want my blog to accomplish is acknowledging the souls on the planet that are also dedicating their “mission” to raising the vibration on the planet. So I am honored to have my first Soul […]

15 05, 2015

Dream It Up

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What would you love to create in your life?

This little talk (it’s about an hour) is the pre-cursor to Mary Morrissey’s Dreambuilder Course that I teach. Mary is an inspirational teacher who has been speaking and teaching Spiritual truths for more than forty years. She is my mentor and I am so proud to be able to teach her program. This material resonated deeply with me when I encountered it because I realized I had been a Dreambuilder my […]